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Saying Goodbye to Our Dear Friend, Scott Hutchison

(May 2018)

“Someday I’ll add a drop of my own worries to a dram.”

It’s beyond my capability to express my seemingly infinite emptiness over the loss of Scott, who was kind beyond reason and almost perilously generous, absorbing the struggles of every pained soul who sought comfort in his very existence. He twice came to Austin to play benefit concerts for the Aster Donovan Foundation and (despite his repeated denials of my request for a Fuck This Place duet) always said he would be there anytime we asked. I find it only mildly self-aggrandizing to consider us friends.

Frightened Rabbit couldn’t know the extent to which they helped readhere a family who themselves had crumbled under the weight of losing a sister/daughter, or how Scott’s humor and genius and unyielding honesty have been able to instill in me (with my own predilections toward the psychologically grey, the perpetual worst case scenario) a sense closer to appreciation for being so fucked up, rather than shame.

My heart aches endlessly for the Hutchison family, and I hope they’re able to find little pieces of beauty and joy in the unimaginable sorrow and cherish every rare instance of laughter, knowing your son and brother and uncle was an incomparable human being whose bravery and strength were an inspiration, and at times salvation, to countless people. (As Wendell Berry says, “Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable.” I know my family would not have survived without it.)

As we gathered this past weekend, my family toasted Scott (and his family), thanking him for his work and his fight and his unparalleled humanity, and wishing him the peace he sought so long.

Every time I find myself struggling to cope with with the anguish of it all – like a blush of love that hits me without warning – I repeat to myself: “Still got hope, so I think we’ll be fine in these disastrous times.” And in his absence, I try to believe it.

We love you, Scott. We love you, Grant, Billy, Andy and Simon. We are so grateful for Frightened Rabbit, and we are grateful for the family who helped that little frightened rabbit grow into the man he would become, perhaps not heroic, but he sure as hell tried.

The Aster Donovan Foundation functions simply to provide support to those things worth supporting whenever possible. It believes in the bonds of community, the love of animals, the goodness of people, and all other things that make the world beautiful. We choose to be joyful though we have considered all the facts.